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February 15, 2012
By mattftw BRONZE, Otho, Iowa
mattftw BRONZE, Otho, Iowa
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Even when things are not looking good, every one is saying you can’t or just give up, always fight no matter what! I was a little kid I always heard stories about my grandfather and stories from him. He was about five foot three inches, a little bigger but not to obese. He had about ten longer hairs on his head and wore glasses. Always had on thermal socks. When ever he went out he always wore really nice cloths. His name Kevin. My grandpa went through a lot in his life and never gave up.

When he was really little he was diagnosed with a rare blood disease. This disease, which I can not find the name, would make his white blood cells multiply very rapidly which would make him swell up and gain about ten extra pounds. Three people in the world, including him, are ever recorded to have this rare disease. When the doctors told him and his family he would not live through high school, he would never be able to have kids and wouldn’t be able to participate fully in sports. I don’t think there was ever a time that he ever believe that. He knew he could over come all odds and prove every one wrong. He went through high school and made the football team and lettered. He met my grandma and they had four children together. He finally died when he was in his eighties.

In another time that things did not good that he kept fighting was his throat. As he grew old his arteries in his throat would burst. Now that first time it happens one in five people die. It happened to him but he lived through it. Now where ever he went he made sure there was a doctor in at area that could sew his arteries just in case they would burst. If the person lived through it the first time, the seconded time it would happen four out of five people die. He lived through the second time too. Now the third time it happens no body lives. When it happened to him the third time we were all scared but some how he pulled through and lived that third time. The doctor could not believe it!

In his career he sold a couple fields and bought the thousand acres I live on right not. When he moved there, every one called him crazy! The neighbor even came up to him and told him not to get too comfortable because in the next couple years he will own what my grandpa just bought and everything around him. Looking back on that story the guy who told him that does not even own the ground that he lives on and my grandpa just about doubled his farm ground

There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about him. When ever I have a problem that it just seems like its impossible, I just remember all the stories about my grandfather or the stories he told him. This just comes to show that no body should tell you what you can or can not do because everything is possible.

The author's comments:
This is about my grandfather and how he thought me to never give up

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