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February 14, 2012
By snowflake9 BRONZE, Fort Dodge, Iowa
snowflake9 BRONZE, Fort Dodge, Iowa
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Each day is a clean slate. In the morning, some people put on make-up. Others might shave their face. Hopefully, everyone brushed their teeth. No matter what we do, it is still the same person as the day before.

In middle school, slumber parties were a popular weekend activity for girls. The number of people who attended these events ranged from two to nine. At times, someone would try to stir up trouble, but for the most part, friends would usually work out problems. The whole reason of a slumber party was to grow stronger in friendship.

After a dance in seventh grade, Alyssa, Chelsea, and I went to Kelsey's house. She was the most thoughtful person in the group. She enjoyed art class, and was not very good at sports, nor did she care. Her friends and I seemed to look up to her, not just because she was the tallest in the group, but we also envied her negotiation skills. Her mother did not want to host a slumber party that weekend, but Kelsey talked her into it. She picked us up from the dance, bought pizza, and we went to her house. It was then that the fun actually started.

Once we got to Kelsey's home which was in the country, we ate the pizza and downed it with Mountain Dew. We played Dance Dance Revolution, until 11 p.m. at night. The next slumber party fun was playing Truth-or-Dare. My friends enjoy laughing at each other, so we had fun making up questions and dares. Eventually, we ran out of ideas to use so Chelsea offered to put in her Full House videos of all the seasons. β€œI want some ice cream.” says Michelle Taylor. I began to doze off since it wasn't amusing after multiple episodes. My friends watched like vultures, waiting for me to fall asleep completely.

My friends made a deal, that whoever fell asleep first would have a make-over. A make-over was not one to make the person pretty, but to have the opposite effect. I was given a, mustache, goatee, a wart on my nose, and connected my eyebrows by a brown eye-liner pencil. I partially woke up, since my friends were giggling so loud, but I was too tired to do anything so I went back to sleep. They added strange colors to my face with eye shadow. I believe clown makeup would have looked better on me.

At some point, everyone fell asleep. However, no one received enough sleep because we had to leave the house at 9 a.m. Even I, who fell asleep, first, was exhausted. So like any other adolescent, my friends and I slept in as much as possible. This gave me very little time to do anything except change into clothes for the day and brush my hair into a ponytail. Alyssa, Chelsea, and Kelsey did about the same thing. When we loaded ourselves into the minivan, the crew took a 20 minute nap until the vehicle made its way into town.

Once the journey was done, the minivan needed to be refueled so the mom drove into a gas station. My friends and I went inside to buy some breakfast before we got to the soccer game. By that time, I needed to use the restroom so I asked the clerk where it was located. When she turned to answer me, she began to smirk and told me β€œIt is just right around the corner.” She gave me a strange look and turned away, trying not to laugh. I did not get the joke, but I was too tired to care. However, as soon as I got in the restroom, I checked out the mirror. I could not believe that I went out in public with the freaky make up still covering my face! Instantly I was angry at my friends for not telling me, and then I found the humor in the situation. No matter how I viewed it, I washed off the mess from my face as best as I could.

I questioned my friends about it, when everyone was back in the minivan. They would not stop laughing because they could not believe how long it took me to take notice. We made it to the soccer game and watched our brothers play. After I got home, all I could think about was going back to sleep. Unfortunately, when I woke up I still was afraid of being plastered with makeup.

Now I realize that it is a wise choice to always wash my face in the morning. Being in high school, I do my best not to waste make up either, since I pay for it on my own and it can be expensive. Starting the day with a clean slate is not only healthy for one's skin, but it also prevents possible embarrassment.

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