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February 14, 2012
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Have you ever just wanted to drop out of school? Maybe, you think there is something else for you that is more Important, like working perhaps. It's really not. I'm 17 and i have a stable job that I've kept since February of last year. I had went to 4 DIFFERENT SCHOOLS; 3 I actually attended to. The fourth my mom just pulled me away in Virginia... I was forced to stay with her and her boyfriend in dinwiddie county. I wanted to go to college, make something better of myself. So, i had gotten back into school this year, then i was 14, now I'll turn 18 in august. When i had gotten enrolled I found out I only had, maybe, 2 1/2 credits. When i dropped off the face of the earth, turns out they lost all my records and copy of my birth certificate. Awesome huh? Now, I take 19 classes while everyone is taking 8 this year, 4 online, and 3 in summer school just to graduate. They wont help me at all, so I'm just in this big twist of a mess. i have two weeks till me unenrollment is finalized so hello GED classes. :( i wanted better so maybe when you see me ill be something. i would love to sing. i know this is a lot, but i had no one to talk to other than a well paid headache physiatrist. thank you for listening whomever you may be. i know how it is not having anyone so if anyone else like me needs a friend or just an ear I'm here.

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