My Best Worst Mistake

February 13, 2012
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The worst thing you can ever do to yourself, worse than dying, worse than starvation, is to put yourself above others who love you. When I was in middle school I struggled each day with some friends to be on the girls’ volleyball team. It made me feel a part of something to be around others with the same interest.
My goals weren’t really encouraged by anyone in my house because no one really ever had a goal like mine. I received most of my encouragement from my coach. She rubbed off on me so much I ran for everything I needed. I couldn’t have been in any better shape.
When it came down to the real deal, I needed my physical signed by a doctor. Even though mom didn’t really understand my dream, I was still dependent on her to have my physical signed. I had had a rigorous day of training for the team. But when I got home mom had not taken my physical to the doctor. The paper she had in her hand instead were papers speaking of divorce.
Dad was had lost his wellbeing. I knew that being the daughter it was important to go with my mother. I gave up my dream of being on the volleyball team. I never got it back either. I knew I had done the right thing. But the worst thing I could have ever done was put myself before others. I loved volleyball but I loved my mom much more. I have found new goals now and I have become a new person. Sometimes giving up things for the ones you love is the best mistake you can make.

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