Facebook, Twitter, Youtube: Job Finders

February 12, 2012
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Websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are amazing websites for... getting a job! I bet you didn’t see that one coming. Yes, I know that these websites are better known for wasting your time and, “One more video, Mom!” Nevertheless, take a look at it this way.

Youtube.com has changed countless peoples’ lives. YouTube has created jobs for people who like to create videos of any kind, whether you’re a gamer or a comedian. YouTubers get their pay primarily through ads and by selling merchandise, such as shirts. Alex is a perfect example of one of these YouTubers. More commonly known as “Whiteboy7thst” on the Internet, he’s a professional YouTube gamer who recently achieved the milestone of one million subscribers. During a video thanking his audience for supporting him, Alex said, “I would probably be a pothead in jail if it wasn’t for YouTube.” Just a couple more examples: a very popular YouTube comedian known as RayWilliamJohnson is the first YouTube millionaire, and YouTube is (unfortunately) the only reason Justin Bieber is famous.

Next is Facebook. Along with almost every other reader here on TeenInk, I am a victim of Facebook’s wrath. It sometimes can be extremely annoying and/or distracting. Yet Facebook also has the potential to help people find jobs. You are able to find open positions on a company’s page, easily the most effective method of searching. Facebook also allows you to create advertisements to be displayed on the sidebar, showing your personal website or resume. You could also find a job through one of your Facebook friends. Wow. I can’t believe I made Facebook seem like a productive website.

Lastly, Twitter. In my article titled The Power of Twitter, I explained how my brother is getting bombarded with job interviews because he used Twitter to get his name and writing known. He tweets links to interesting articles or one of his own blog posts. This obviously intrigued quite a few people; he currently has over 700 followers. If you wish to read more about my brother’s interesting situation, check out my article on TeenInk titled The Power of Twitter. As you can see from this quick example, Twitter isn’t only for bored teens. It is also for professionals who want their work to get noticed.

Unfortunately, these three websites are not often utilized the way I described them in this article. Even so, it is nice to know that the Internet is being used for things like this, and not just procrastination.

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