February 12, 2012
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Throwing everything that could possible fit in the carry on bags,as clear blue droplets shoot down my whole family faces. Realizing this day was actually here. The day where he was heading off to the air force. The most dangerous type of category there is. We tried to talk him out of it, but he just loved everything about the war. We couldn't hold him back from something so important, something so treasurable to him.

We loaded up the car,bringing tissues and sweets to help us get through letting my cousin go. With my uncle taking the wheel, we then
started to have deep conversations knowing it might be our last. Seeing planes flying over us we knew we were close, having more traffic than before.

We than entered the banks to park and handed our keys to a man in all black. My aunt decided we were going to go through the Orlando Airport with Chase.

We shuffled through people and luggage very swiftly. My aunt was right by Chases side holding his hand the whole time, stopping every few feet to wipe away the tears. We arrived to the place where he had to be let go and go on his own. It was my turn to hug his long, muscular body. Tears speed down my face as i grabbed him without regret. I whispered to him " I love you, be safe, and good bye." He looked at me directly in the eyes and told me he loved me too and that it wasn't a good bye but a see you later. The tears came harder as a tiny grin took my face. I kissed him on the cheek and stood by his side. My aunt hugged and kissed him, she wouldn't let him go and no-one had the heart to tear them apart. We began to walk away and I kept turning my head thinking he would come running back to us but his figure kept fading a little more each second. I knew that day that Chase was 16 and responsible to be let go but i still hope and pray that hes okay. Everyone's counting down the days when he finally comes home but till then all we can do is wait!

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