Love Comes With Pain

February 11, 2012
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My passionate and glorious love for you is irreversible and provocative. You evoke the most powerful emotions I have ever felt, or in this case, have ever been forced to endure... I love you, it is tragic and dangerous. I believe I am the first person to ever exist who feels this way about you. The disparity of my situation resides in your inability to reciprocate my feelings for you.

To you, I am a seemingly obsolete being...To me, you are what I am living for. Thoughts and dreams of you protrude to the forefront of my mind every day...Your hazel brown eyes are mysterious, and tantalizing. Your golden hair rests on top of your head like silky heavenly clouds... Your smile is enchanting and overwhelming; it always summons a smile to my face. These physical features draw me towards you. I recurrently find myself vehemently staring into your radiant eyes; and usually, I do not realize what I am doing until someone says something to me. You are so distracting...You are altruistic, ingenious, prodigious and adroit. I admire you and idolize your personality, virtually to a point of covetousness. Certainly, you would not recognize any of this because; Who am I to you? I am insignificant. Yet you are incredibly flawless and impeccable. You are every girls dream. I would give anything for you to acknowledge me in some way.

I've told you how I feel, but you do not understand the extent of my infatuation. Only my closest confidants can truly comprehend. You make my world stop even when I'm not around you; and when I am, it makes everything so much more remarkable.

When I saw you for the first time, I instantaneously knew you were my dream partner. You are what yearned for, what I needed...It was love at first sight...but only for me. You had no idea. You still have no idea the vastness of my feelings. You have no idea the amount of stress, anxiety and tribulation you leave me, just from your mere existence. I cry when I'm alone and thinking of you. I cry because I have no chance of being with you.

I have traversed through the eerie realms of love. I have a complete arsenal when it comes to combating emotions that come with love, but I have no idea what to do with my current state of emotional distress. In the past, I have told people I love them more than I've ever loved anyone before; but when I have an impulse to make a statement of equal quality directed at you, it's different. You are different. I have an unyielding veneration that I will, for the rest of my life, use you as a standard for, "the most I could ever love someone." I am still quite perplexed though. It doesn't make sense. Why can't I just move on? Perhaps because it's evident you are psychologically unattainable? A question with greater significance and more intrigue would be; Who would I move on to? I can never find anyone as dazzling and perfect as you...

Instead, I continue in this life, traveling along with all my misery and despondency, which resonates from you... And for what? The gratification of possessing an outlet for my emotion? The want to be in love? Perhaps, but I believe there is a more shrewd and unknown antecedent for my emphatic lust. I may never know this reason, But I do know one thing; I love you. I cannot deny that my heart screams the truth. If I never get a chance, fine, I am enthralled by your rejection, and at least you noticed my affection. Honestly, if I didn't have you to show my affection to, I would be lost.

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