February 11, 2012
By Precious_15 SILVER, Pineville, North Carolina
Precious_15 SILVER, Pineville, North Carolina
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Live life with no regrets, and all smiles . !

For valentines day im giving my heart to God. He isnt a man, he is more than that. He doesn’t lie, cheat,deceive, he isnt a coward, who leaves me .Through the good and BAD his love still stays constant. .He is there for me whenever I call him, and he doesn’t just say he loves me, he proves it every day. He doesn’t break my heart, he mends it when the earthly people do. He doesn’t judge me, he helps me change.. He is one that you can love, because he wont hurt you, or lie to you, he’s one that will be there for you everyday …any time.. unlike some I cant name………………
His love doesn’t misuse,
Doesn’t abuse,
Doesn’t stop,
Like the North Star,
Its constant, doesn’t move, doesn’t change,
No matter what his love stays the same.

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