February 10, 2012
By Anonymous

When I was eleven several guys in my school rated the girls in my grade. No one was really given nice reviews. I was called ugly, a friend of mine was called fat and ugly, and my other friend was called ugly but had nice boobs. The teachers found out that the boys rated us and they got in huge trouble. They apologized to us. I tried to forgive them just because our school is so small and everyone knows everyone so that would be awkward to hate someone. Also, I don't think that they got what they did. I don't think they realized what was so wrong about rating girls. We had a meeting with all the girls in the sixth grade. There was crying, hugging, and assuring that the boys were wrong. The girls kept saying it's important about what others think of you just they're wrong. I shook my head and said, "It's not important what others think of you because their opinion doesn't matter, If they criticize you and hate on you that's their loss. What really matters is what you think of yourself," I still agree with what I said then. A couple years later a friend of mine that was called ugly was asked out by one of the guys that rated us. She said yes. That ticked me off. I know that it wasn't my business but it made me mad. I didn't say anything. My friend said that the guy didn't think that this relationship would work because her ex that dumped her was one of his friends. I didn't say I told you so. All I said was, "You know you can do better than him," I wasn't lying just to make her feel better. Because no matter what people think you are beautiful, they can hate on you and criticize you, but it doesn't matter what they think it only matters what you think. And you are beautiful.

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