Late July

February 10, 2012
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What was that?

It was about late July, it was warm summer night. My friend jimmy and I were driving back to the road back to out cabin. We were in his truck, and he was driving it was long, twisty road.

The sun was starting to set. The road we were on didn’t have any streetlights. Going around some turns we had light, and some others turns we were blind.

Jimmy was a very good driver so I trusted him, I started falling asleep. From time to time I would look out the window and see where we were.

As I glanced out my passenger side window I see an object in the field. As soon as I saw it was gone because we were driving fast.
I told Jimmy to turn around because I wanted to investigate what I saw. Jimmy didn’t want to and got kind of mad but he didn’t it anyways.

We turned around and started driving slowly…

We went back to the spot where I thought I saw a person. Nothing was there. I was super confused. I get out of the car and go take a look in the grass. Nothing, not even foot prints.

Jimmy was getting annoyed and wanted to go so we left. I could swear that I saw a person or a ghosts or something in that field….

We finally roll up on the cabins driveway. Our cabin had about a mile long driveway. It wasn’t really a driveway more like a gravel road on our property

We get up to the cabin and go inside. I was super tired and still talking about that object I saw….

Jimmy kept telling me I was seeing things vet I knew what I saw. He went down into his room and I went upstairs to mine…

As I was walking up the stairs I glanced out the window and I saw an animal just standing outside on our lawn. I stand there and steer at it. It wasn’t normal.

I go over to my table in my room and grab my camera to try to snap a picture, but when I get back to the window it was gone. My heart was beating, as I was excited….

I run downstairs and run out my front door. I run over to the spot where I thought I saw that animal. Nothing was left, not even a footprint.

I walk back inside and as I was walking in the door jimmy was standing in the doorway he said, “Why were you outside?” I told him that I saw another object but this time it was an animal. He started laughing. He told me to drop it and go back to sleep. But I knew what I saw….

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