What It Feels Like to be a WINNER

February 10, 2012
So, we had this super competivive March of Dimes money fundraiser at school. Our class and Mrs. Freddies class got into this big thing about who could collect the most money. After a hard week of me and my fellow classmates doing some major hustling our class totally dominated. Raising about $300 in a week. Some of Mrs. Freddies class was even their to witnes their loss. We were all so happy that all of our hard work payed off and WE GOT DONUTS TRICK! It feels great to be a winner and get like 3,000 spirit links. Our class is beast and were WINNERS!

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Hannahbanana said...
Feb. 21, 2012 at 8:44 am
Oprah20 maybe you should see how the other class feels.. You aren't really a winner, the babies are! I mean that is who it was for. Right?
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