me and humanity

February 9, 2012
You see when I look into someone’s eyes I see their minds and souls. When I see most people I see hatred or deception. But when I see the rare soul that’s kind I keep them in mind. Most recently I found a girl. She was most beautiful and had the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. She had the most honest caring eyes I have ever seen. But the other day I saw this group of boys with the most deceptive and hate filled eyes. I can’t understand why I have this ability, but I know that I as a person am a horrible liar. Well, the thing is I told her that I saw that the boys were lying to her and the one didn’t really like her and she didn’t believe me. But then today, one day later, she tells me she should have listened to me. Well after I found out what was wrong I was already slamming doors and ready to fight. Long story short they were already gone; well I’ll get them next week. Well this all happens at school and I go and punch a locker like most teenagers and I start trying to calm down. Now I’m in the process of writing this and summing up 20 minutes. Which would make this a review of my life today, so I guess I have one issue. I love her and he hurt her so I have to deal with the guy. Because you see she’s the most important thing to me. Yes I don’t stay calm when the one I love is hurt, but most men don’t. Any man who reads this knows the feeling if they have that special lady would agree with me.

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