teen pregnancy

February 9, 2012
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teen pregnancy is increasing in teens acroos america. One of the main reasons tenns become sexual active is because there parents never talked to them about sex. parents need to step up and talk to there teens before there teen becomes pregnant. If you are a teen having sex use protection. There are thousands of STD'S and you need to protect your self. Most teens that get pregnant dont use protection but the things is your are only hurting yourself. Most teen fathers dont stick around so if u dont use protection and you do get preganant there is no way you know if the father will stayaround. Then your stuck raising a child when you are a child yourself. Facts show that most teens that have babys drop out of high school to raise their child. teen parents are forced to grow up when the should be enjoying there youth. If you are having sex please use protection cause you never know where you could be. If you are a teen mom i give you props because it is hard to raise a child when you yourself are a child. I am speaking from experience because i am a teen mom and i know how hard it can be but u have to stick it out.

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