Tubing Gone Wrong

February 8, 2012
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It was a wonderful Saturday afternoon. As I looked out the window of my best friend Kathleen’s white Volvo, I knew something big was ahead of us. I was correct. Something big was going to happen that day, something that makes my list of my top ten scariest moments and my list of my top ten funniest stories.

We pulled into a parking spot right across from the gate leading to the dock where Kathleen’s family boat is kept. I took the hands of her two little sisters, along with a bag full of fruit and chips, and we headed towards the boat.

Everyone was laughing and having fun, while Kathleen’s sister Mary got us all life jackets to wear. Everyone was situated and ready to go. We left the dock without a care in the world.

The waters were clear and there were not too many boats out that day. We spent a large portion of our day eating, laughing, and enjoying the sunshine. But the fun was just beginning, because we were about to go tubing.

I am not the best swimmer. Don’t get me wrong, I can swim, but I was just never the star swimmer everyone else seemed to be. I also have a small irrational fear of boats, but it is easy to forget that you are scared with your friends there to distract you.

So pushing my fears aside, we changed into our bathing suits and put our goggles on, ready for anything. After Kathleen’s little sister had gone with each of us, it was time for Kathleen, Mary, and I to take a spin. We climbed into the tube, pushed off into the water, and the boat started to roll away.

I completely forgot my fear of boats and water in that moment. We were laughing and having so much fun. Then, we started to sing the song “Omigod You Guys” from Legally Blonde the Musical. We sang all the way to, “There just like that couple from Titanic! Only no one dies— ” And suddenly the sky got a little darker, and the waves got a little larger. Our tube was going under water.

As soon as we noticed our tube was sinking, we all started screaming. Yet after a couple of seconds, I could only hear my own screams. I looked to my left, but Mary was gone. I looked to my right, and Kathleen was gone, too. They had been flung from the tube. And I was completely alone out there.

By this point I was standing up on the tube, but it was so far under the water that only my face was above water. I pushed off from the tube and began too swim on my own. There was still no sign of Kathleen or Mary. I looked back to the boat, and about twenty feet in front of me, I saw the tube. I franticly swam towards it and held on to the side.

Kathleen surfaced next to me and a rush of relief swept over me. Somehow, everything that had happen didn’t seem scary at all. Kathleen yelled, “Kelly, hold on! Save yourself!” and I laughed, pointing out that there are three handles on just that one side, so there was definitely enough for both of us to hold on.

Mary was then on top of the tube. She helped us up, and we were pulled back to safety. We were all safe, and a moment that seemed like the scariest moment of my life, was also the funniest moment of my life.

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