Lesson's Learned

February 9, 2012
By Courtney_N_Ursini GOLD, Warwick, Rhode Island
Courtney_N_Ursini GOLD, Warwick, Rhode Island
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1. Saying sorry doesn't make everything okay again. After awhile it's just a word and you have to learn some people never change.

2. There is such a thing as second chances but you have to learn that some people just don't deserve one.

3. Fighting with your parents just makes the whole situation worse. Instead of getting hot headed when you know you've screwed up, be more mature. Admit your mistake(s) and deal with the punishment.

4. It may seem like the world is against you but it never really is.

5. You need to always find a reason to smile.

6. Actions will always mean more than words under any circumstances.

7. All you have is today, this moment - right now.

8. If you believe in something, even at worst - give it one more shot.

9. Learn from your mistakes but never regret having made them.

10. If you say something you don't mean fix it instead of letting it fester.

11. When you love someone let them know before it's too late.

12. Even the worst situations get better with time.

13.Only you can chose what reactions you have to life's little curve ball's. You can find happiness in the pit of misery.

14. Quotes really do help.

15. Eventually everything changes but you can only decide where you go from there.

16. Savoir each moment.

17. You never fully stop loving someone that you truly loved at one point. They will always be a part of you.

18. Sometimes all you can do is walk away and hope for the best.

19. Never waste you whole life waiting.

20. All you are guaranteed to in life is yourself.

21. You don't need a whole lot of friends just a few good ones.

22. People can/will surprise you.

23. Never forget who you are, no matter how far you come.

24. Do what you think matters.

25. Never give up without a fight.

26. Mistakes are a part of life they prove you're human.

27. There's always a bright-side even in the darkest situations.

28. Life moves on.

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