One Direction, Good or Bad?

February 2, 2012
By IAMBOOBEAR BRONZE, Woodstock, Vermont
IAMBOOBEAR BRONZE, Woodstock, Vermont
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Why so serious?

One Direction is a very controversial band. It seems that rumors fly like wild fire around these 5 young british heartthrobs. It all started on the 2010 season of the X Factor, when 5 talented young men by the names of Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik auditioned as soloist ascts. The judges decided that these 5 boys weren't intresting enough to make it on their own, but as a band they would be fantastic.

However, it has been stated that Mr. Cowell, their mentor, originally said, this is a lifeline. And it seems to me that he didn't fully support the desiscion. But, it seems extremely clear that Simon Cowell, has had a change of heart, because at the moment, One Direction are in a subsidory music deal with Sony Music and Syco Music, Syco Music being Simon Cowell's own record label. He signed the band after they had been placed in the finals at third.

One Direction at the moment, seem to be the neweset teen heartthrobs, and as a matter of fact, anounced that a tour would be happening in the december of 2011 and the january of 2012, this tour was sold out in a matter of minutes. They will also be appearing on iCarly, where it has been rumored that Harry Styles and Miranda Cosgrove will kiss, so all you iCarly fans, keep your fingers crossed!

Harry Styles, youngest, nudist, ½ of larry stylingson, curliest hair, just about everything a girl would ask for. Except for a relationship with someone 15 years his senior! Caroline Flack, co-presenter of the X-factor, season 8, was his rumored girlfriend for about 3 months, before in a previous interview he said, clearly under pressure that he was single.

Liam Payne, victim of being bullied, surviving with only one kidney, beiber cut, and a terrifying fear of spoons just about sums this boy up. Liam Payne, A.K.A. Daddy Direction is in charge. He starts almost every song off, and he has the most experience with the X-Factor, as he tried out when he was 14, and made it to bootcamp, which he was then told to come back int two years. He did, and girls all over the world are very happy to.

Louis Tomlinson, just about the most random person in the world, absouletly insane, the other half of Larry Stylinson. Louis is the oldest, and also happens to be a christmas baby, born on december 24th. Louis is a practical jokster, enjoys carrots immensly and seems to have a fascinating bromance with Harry.

Zayn Malik is a intresting mix of vain, pakistan descent, and a strong VAS HAPPENIN trademark greeting. Always the serious one, until the boys brought him out of his shell, his bromance happens to be with Daddy Direction. Guess we know who's gonna be his daddy tonight ;)

And lastly, Niall Horan, the irish one. Charming, blond, eats everything insight, and also happens to apparantly be a leperchaun, Niall is my personal favorite. Obsessed with Nandos, eating and playing guitar, this little irish lad is famous for his guitar playing, irish accent and his usual tanks.

Honestly I can see this band living out. Now, i've given you the facts, lets talk fandom. These 5 boys have a global fanbase, broken 3 records, 1 sold out tour, and published 2 books. Now tell me this isn't going to last forever. They have the boyband charm, the hilariousness of a well trained comedian, and they have just fantastic hair. I know that the title of this article may have led you to believe that I was going to slam them, but what is their to slam?

The author's comments:
I was bored, and we were writing articles in class....and was like you know what? I might as well write about something that i know about.

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