Ancestor Essay

February 9, 2012
By , Florence, MA
The scent of flowers filled the air as my fingers were enveloped by the moist dirt. My grandmother was kneeling next to me in her tan slacks and white blouse. Her gloved hands cover my 9 year old hands as she helps me plant a dark purple tulip. She smiles at me, and her brown Finnish eyes twinkle as we pull up a weed. I hear our family dog, Auggie, barking, chasing a squirrel.

She grabs the hose and sprinkles water over my new miniature garden. She turns and I suddenly feel the water spraying me. I run and she chases after me, laughing. Auggie is barking at us, chasing my grandmother as she gains on me. She grabs my waist and I feel the prickly, moist grass at it hits my back. Her hands fly up and she is tickling me. We are both laughing as Auggie jumps in between us, licking my face. My heart feels like its exploding with love. It was one of my favorite days ever. That was also the day I found out I would be moving to Florida with my grandmother, and leaving my mom behind.

We left for Florida a week later. It was different living with old fashioned grandparents. She provided me with everything I needed, and taught me things my mom wouldn’t have been able to. She brought me with her to the Garden Club she participated in every day after school. We made a different miniature garden there, but still similar to the one I missed to so dearly back in Massachusetts.

My grandmother lived in a small community that held mostly adults. I celebrated my 10th birthday there without my mother. My grandmother tried as hard as she could to fill my mothers absent footsteps. She baked me a delicious chocolate cake, and added four little vanilla cupcakes on each corner. The cake was beautiful and I was so thankful that she had used her own time to make it. She gave me my first American Girl Doll that year.

6 months after I arrived, it was time for me to leave. I got on a plane with my grandmother, and she held my hand the whole 2 ½ hour ride back home. My mother was at the airport when we arrived in Connecticut. I was so happy to see her, but I knew I would miss my grandmother. She now lives in Massachusetts for 6 months, and she lives in Florida for the other 6 months. I’m visiting her February break, and this time my mom is coming with me.

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