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January 31, 2012
By Renne,AmberDDD SILVER, Great Valley, New York
Renne,AmberDDD SILVER, Great Valley, New York
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Hey my name is amber and I am going to tell you about my life. My life is smothered and sugar coated with joy and love. I get all my joy from going to school and spending time with my friends and family. My love comes from multiple people. Some are friends others is my family. I can remember many memories with each and every one of them. One memory is when me and my family went to a park in the summer of 09. Went to the Allegany State Park it was the second most fun vacation I had ever been on. My family and I had gone on this vacation on a mission. The mission was to relocate our family. It was a very frustrating time. My mom had been working at a casino in Salamanca, NY this was not a very healthy environment for my mom. It was not a good environment because my mom has severe asthma. The asthma was hard for her to control in the cage. The cage being a place where my mom counted money and worked with obnoxious people who SMOKED!!! The smoke made it hard for my mom to breathe. The breathing got so hard she fainted AT WORK!! She went to the hospital and the doctor said iwas’t healthy to work there so she had to quit. Then my dad also works at the casino as a security guard. We never got to see him very much. He slept during the day and worked at night sometimes the other way around. So due to never seeing each other my parents decided that we needed to reconnect. So they took all of us on vacation. The only thing thawas’t pleasant on vacation was that the last couple days of vacation my dad had to work. This little vacation will never top the best vacation ever. The best vacation ever was when me and my family went to the thousand islands. When we went to thousands islands I had the best time ever I learned how to swim yes at the age of 13, but I didn’t mind because I was just happy I learned. We went on a lot of tours on a boat showing us all the islands. One island you can buy was rated at $120,000. It looked to be maybe 30 feet by 20 maybe. To me that was a little silly to buy something that small. The best tour we went on was the tour of the castle. I go little suvanres every place we went. I made a scrap book when I got home. Which I will show to you all. The next big chapter of my life was when my parents took a class to start a thing called foster care. This chapter in my life was huge. I couldn’t get the idea to help kids out of my head. This thing had started around the 19th of September. The day we decided to do this my mom had asked both me and my brother if we were okay with sharing our rooms with other people. I said yes and my brother had to be smart and say well maybe what’s in it for me. My mom said helping kids that weren’t as forchanet as you. The first set of kids we had were two little boy’s. One boy’s name was Caleb the other’s name was Clanton. Clanton was seven he was cute but very cligy. Clayton had a crush on me being seven years old. We had one boy in my room another in my brother’s room. Caleb slept in my room but Clayton was fighting with his brother to sleep in my room. Caleb was the cutest little thing. He had a bit of an attitude though. I don’t think he really knew the difference between right and wrong. The last set of kids we had for up to 7 months. They were 5 and 7. The five year olds name was tikarah. She was a little ball of sunshine even though she tried to get her sister in trouble 24/7. The other little girl’s name was jone. She was seven she was a little ball of missgiffe. So to this day we have a offer for kids every couple weeks. We always look forward to a call asking to give us kids. So my most up dated resource of my life is right here and you are the first to read it.!!

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