My Dilemma

February 3, 2012
By Anonymous

The car door slams shut behind me. I’m frustrated because even though I am the only other person in the car, mommy wouldn’t let me sit in the front. She says it’s dangerous because I’m too small... But, I’m not so sure... I think she just doesn’t want me asking all the time.

I run through the parking lot to catch up to her,but, she’s already waiting for me a couple cars away.I slide my hand into hers and start swinging both our arms. Mommy smiles down at me.
“Be good in the store and don’t ask for extra stuff. Okay?”
“Alright...” I agree reluctantly.
We step through the large sliding doors of Winco foods and I ask mommy if I can grab the cart.
She nods. I skip over to the rows of carts and make my selection. It takes all my body weight to pull one free from the others. When I finally push the cart to my mom, she takes over.
Walking through the front of the store my mom carefully selects several cans of fruit and vegetables. I get bored quickly. Suddenly I get a brilliant idea! I glance around to make sure she’s not looking because I want it to be a surprise. When all is clear I run around the corner to the next isle as fast as I can!
“There they are!” I exclaim to myself. I shoot down the isle as fast as my short tiny legs will allow and slam to a stop at the back wall... “Pretzels!”

Mommy always has me grab the pretzels, so, I want to get them before she actually asks me to. She will be so proud of me! Oh no! They moved the pretzel sticks up a shelf! I don’t know if I can reach them... I stand up on my tip toes and reach my arm to it’s full extent. My finger tip barely brushes the plastic of the pretzel bag.
I sit down on the floor with a huff. What if... Oh I know! I can climb the shelf! I turn my head slowly from side to side making sure no one is paying me any attention... No one is.
I place one foot on the first shelf, then the next... I reach as far as I can... and...Yes!
I got it! I tear away from the cold metal shelf, charge up the isle, round the corner and... She’s not here! Where did she go?
“Mommy?” I say barely above a whisper. “Mommy!”
No answer. I slide frantically through the whole store looking every which way. She’s nowhere!
did she leave? Everywhere I look, unfamiliar faces! Every glance seems to mock me and scold me for ever leaving my mothers side. Some glances I get even threaten to kidnap me and never let me see my parents again. After what seems like hours I’m just about ready to throw myself on the ground and scream. But, there she is over by the oranges!
“Mommy!” I fly to her with tears running down my face.
She releases the crumpled bag of pretzels from my chubby hand and asks “What’s wrong?”
“I thought you left me here...” I squeeze out between sobs.
“Oh, Honey!” mommy says “You haven’t even been gone for two minutes.”
I’m sure the confusion shows on my face because she laughs comfortingly and bends down to hug me. “Thank you for the pretzels!” She whispers...

I was scared to death when I couldn’t find my mom. Sometimes fear blinds you, and that is probably why I thought so much time had passed when in reality only a few minutes had passed.
I think this memory is significant because it was traumatic therefore it imprinted itself into my memory.

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on Feb. 13 2012 at 10:32 pm
AndSoItGoes01 GOLD, Reno, Nevada
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That happened to me too when i was little!!!!! I love how you described everything, esspecialy your conclusion of the whole situation. Great job and i hope that maybe you'll write something else and post it on here with your name so i can read your other writings :)


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