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January 29, 2012
By NAGaunt_stories BRONZE, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
NAGaunt_stories BRONZE, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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I remember this summer. You there with me, clad in bathing suits. Our friends were there and your beautiful sister… Oh, how she misses you. We kissed. I wanted you, how you could see it in my eyes. But, they were there, we weren’t alone. You promised me we’d have alone time—just you and me. You spent most of that night on the phone… With the girl you wished you could be with, you loved her. Wish she could only love you the same… Yes, I was there but, I wasn’t her. We never got that alone time you promised… If I had known it’d be our very last encounter… How I would have showered you with kisses and tears. If only I had known, how does one know something like that? How does one predict ‘this will be the last time I see them alive’? No, we never got that alone time or have I ever saw you flesh and blood again. No smile or those eyes that looked right through to see the soul… Can you see my soul now? Tell me what it looks like. Tell me, you can see my tears now.

I remember how late it was that night. I remember how loud our drunken friends were being. I remember my nana telling me you guys needed to leave… I told you that then. You and your friends had left. You said it was alright… We made plans for the next day which fell through. In only, we could go back I wouldn’t let you leave. I would spend that whole night with you until the sun began to light the sky. Discuss all our problems. All of our issues with people and the world. All our hopes and dreams and wants. Discuss everything until there was nothing left to talk about. Until we could just hold each other and be content knowing all there is to know about each other. If only, if only we could go back. I’d do everything in my power to be here for you. Save you. How I miss you here with all of us. I’m only grateful for one thing—that I got my goodbye kiss. I snagged a kiss from an angel.

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