Life in a Nutshell

February 2, 2012
By KateKlosterman SILVER, Wyndmere, North Dakota
KateKlosterman SILVER, Wyndmere, North Dakota
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Be impossible because impossible just means I'm possible.

Life is mostly all about the could of, would of, and should of. It all comes down to the mess-ups you make and who saw you make them. Running into a fence while trying to catch a stupid softball is an example of this. Ask yourself would you risk conciseness for a round, 5oz, and neon ball? Unfortunately most of us would because at the time all we want is to catch that dumb flying object. In a way it’s mocking us, telling us that we are crazy for running after it and might as well stop now because you are just going to make tomorrow at school one hell of a good time. Yes, I wish I would have seen that fence coming but hey it snuck up on me. I guess that’s just life in a nutshell.

I wonder if Pre-Calculus will ever pop up in my life ever again? Will coefficients be in my shower every morning? Will I have to figure out the intercepts before I can turn the coffee pot on? Will a satellite from space come crashing down if my graph does not match up to right points? Maybe on my way to work I will have to solve the difference quotients in order not to get mugged. Oh one of these days I am sure that will happen. I can picture myself walking down the street and suddenly being ambushed by a homeless man who desperately wants to know how find the midpoint on a circle. What I hope to be is his gun will be painfully in my back and my sweating will be protruding through my one and only gray sweater. I now have permanent smell of rotten onions coming from my armpits. The 27 cats I have will be forever lucky. I will obviously have to tell him. I do not want this hobo brutally killing me over this nonsense. I need to take Pre-Calculus. This class is vital and it’s no joke what so ever. I mean watching these YouTube videos have helped expand my education immensely. Who needs a teacher when you have a monotone, 50 year old virgin teaching you functions? I just am anticipating the day when I get kidnapped and get to teach my abductor Pre-Calculus. We are going to best friends. Of course I won’t be let go because of my talented ability to solve equations. Well it’s always nice to know to be well thought of. That’s the life of Pre-Calculus in a nutshell. (No sarcasm at all in this paragraph. Serious as Jack Black in School of Rock.)

The author's comments:
I wasn't too happy about having to do my Pre-Calculus this night. I wrote this instead.

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