The Real One

January 27, 2012
By artgirl2015 GOLD, Waldron, Michigan
artgirl2015 GOLD, Waldron, Michigan
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"Be the change you with to see in the world." -Ganhdi

Her world is different from everyone else's, she sees the hatred and the lies of everyone around her. She hears the rumors and the lies they say about her, sometimes she just believes it would be better to be invisible. In school she has friends, but they bearly notice her, at home she's alone. Always alone. When she talks to the guys, its nothing but rejection, but then again thats all she's ever known.
As night she crys herself asleep while wishing things could be different. When she finally falls asleep, nightmears are all she sees, but yet when she wakes up, she realizes that the nightmears are better then what reality has to offer.
She's a dreamer, that girl. Every chance she gets, she tries to escape the real world. Always with her head down, never making eye contact, always a pen in her hand. She's a dreamer, that girl, she dreams about escaping this town, of escaping the world of which whe was born into.
Her world is different, she sees the hatred and the lies around her. She sees the masks that people put on, and every once in awhile she finds herself in one, but even though she know's that the mask mite make things seem better, she swares she won't be fake like the rest. In a world full of hatred and lies, she wants to be the only thing thats real.

The author's comments:
This girl....this girl is me

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