My Haunted Family

January 24, 2012
By bawlzbawlzbawlz BRONZE, Ventnor, New Jersey
bawlzbawlzbawlz BRONZE, Ventnor, New Jersey
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This has been bugging me since I was six years old. I hold it, but I have thought about it everyday,. The reason I hold it in is because some people don't believe me, others don't want to. The only actual person I could confess to, my English teacher, said she was Catholic, so there was no way she'd believe me. That was my last option... then I discovered Teenink... well, you ready?

January 8th, 2002
(around the eighth, I think, but I could be totally wrong)
I walked in on my father. He was praying... maybe saying a ritual? Down on his knees, in front of a bunch of lit candles with a bible-or some sort of book-laying open in front of his sealed shut eyes.
As I walked closer, I felt this heavy weight in my chest, pushing into me. My dad didn't move anything but his lips. I sat on the bed, I wanted to know more-curiosity DOES kill the cat, you know. I watched him wisper, and when he was done, he turned to me.
"Alec, you will be the one."
"Dad, stop." I laughed, analyzing his face for a hint of softness. Nothing.
"No, it's you. Your sister, Sarah, you'll save her. Your brother, Adam, you'll save them. This family will need you," he said.
"Wh-what are you talking about?" My eyes started watering and my chest was hurting more now. My dad got up and walked out of the room, not looking back, or saying anything again.

January 15th, 2009
(this date, I know for sure)
My mom and dad got in a fight. Well, the biggest argument they've ever had. My dad packed his bags and left.
He moved in with my Uncle Jake, but when my dad took off to Arizona-miles from my hometown, Jersey-my Uncle Jake moved in with us. This was the beginning of the eleven years of my life that my father was absent from.

February 16th, 2009
(maybe a couple days earlier, who knows)
My first paranormal site. I swear, I swear with my life, I saw her. In the candle flame, my grandma, she was there. How could it be? She's dead?
"Alec, it's your imagination," mom said. I tried to believe.

February 17th, 2009
(this date is for sure)
My first night terror. A night terror is when you aren't awake, but you're functioning, like sleep walking, but you're seeing your nightmare. When you're awake, you remember it all, and I always fell into a panic attack.
My room was shared with my and my brother Adam, in the attic. (We called this house the blue house-because it was blue, obviously-remember that.) I looked up, and there standing before my bedpost was a man with ginger hair. The face of a demented serial killer, all dressed in black. He didn't want me, he wanted Sarah and Adam.
I jumped out of bed, still living the nightmare, running, and jumping, and screaming around the room. Adam was beyond scared and my mom couldn't calm me down. It went on for about an hour, until I snapped out of it on the sofa and stopped breathing. I found my way to the hospital that night.

March 11th, 2009
(I remember this because it was my sister's birthday)
My second paranormal site and night terror. The paranormal sighting was different this time. I was seeing shadows, not people. I felt like I was going crazy... was I?
Later on that night, I had the night terror. I felt like I couldn't escape this time, stuck forever watching this man do whatever he planned to my siblings. My mom decided to get me a psychiatrist.
He was no help.

March 24th, 2009

My last night terror. The man was laughing over me, he said he already won. He was rubbing it in my face, and I'd have to go through the rest of my life knowing I was the wrong one. Why would my dad leave me in charge?
Why, daddy? Your son, of all people? Leave this stress on me?

Now, it's 2012. Years later, in my sophomore year now. I didn't have another one of the night terrors or anything, I almost forgot about them.... almost.
But now, my father is back in my life. Along with everything else, my father is back. The night terrors, the scratching at my walls, everything that terrorized me when I was little, is back.
But now, even worse. My older brother gets stuck in his dreams, or he'll wake up and not be able to move. His chest will start getting pushed in, by some force. Now, though... now, my little sister, Sarah, is the one. He told her that, and she hasn't gone to sleep since. He's putting the stress on his own baby girl. The blue house that we thought was haunted... it was us. It's all coming together now...
This family is haunted.

The author's comments:
Weather you believe me or not, that's not what I care about. I want you to read this, take it in, and know whats going on. And of all things you could do... pray for us?

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on Mar. 4 2012 at 3:48 pm
i like this. i think you could make a book out of this :-)

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