Seasonal sister

January 25, 2012
By Arghitsautumn BRONZE, Barnsley, Other
Arghitsautumn BRONZE, Barnsley, Other
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I, being the apparent child, strolled frantically through the freshly mown and scented grass. Swaying in the tranquil and debatable monotonous breeze, a crowded meadow of silence. Cherished flowers gathered within a diplomatic army, greeting the just arrived sunny skies.
No difference in silhouette, or in physique or composure. Looking at her was normality.
She was my older more mature sister, who I gained implausible awareness from – a wholesome role model who fed my inexperienced mind. Brown eyes that belonged to you and only you, never wandering into mischief. Beautifully thick coiled hair that draped down her sides as a pair of luxurious velvet curtains. An admirable white smile pasted upon her face resembling an iron-willing cluster of protesters; complex to move and fighting for justice. Her skin differed from the usual, however on no account appeared eccentric: silky, supple and no noticeable imperfections.
Our house seemed desolate and the sun was gazing upon us.
I was outside in the wondrous rear garden, most likely causing aggravation and friction. The astounding tramline was glistening and the unforgettable swimming pool was occupied by flies that had misadventured into the marine of chlorine. I and my sister were jumping up and down, not a care in the world, my sister greatly enhancing my power as our timings clashed upon the trembling springs.
We were at diverse levels of development, though I was expectedly more naïve. Although this was finalized, neither of us knew of any consequences, nor was aware of any hurt.
Our imaginations nomadic, as we masqueraded the trampoline into an array of habitats and apparent places. From dusk till dawn, we’d stay in the security of our own private wonderland. I, being younger would always be selected for a more overpowered ‘Responsibly’ within our fabricated games.
“I’ll hide and you seek!” She’d declare in an enthusiastic stern attitude.
I wouldn’t debate, just grin and promptly rotate my back at her and commence the beginning of what seemed an intense pass time.
“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…9…10! Ready or not here I come!” I’d bellow in a slightly anxious tone of voice.
Within 5 of 10 dawdling minutes, my formerly vanished sister was discovered. The two of us would naturally deliver a richly deserved laughter that would validate the friendship we seized.
Time passed and the summer came to a close. I leaned against my bedroom window, glaring out onto the bleak yet seasonal frosted grass. The skies colour was non-committal and tedious – just looking outside made my insides cry out bitterness. Windy days became predominantly frequent; gusts would scamper towards me, penetrating my naked hands like a dozen razor-sharp knives.
Summer days turned into constant winter darkness. As the season came to a close, so did our sisterly bond.

The author's comments:
I have recently moved house to a small more tight space. Remembering the events that took place in the old house is often my muse.

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