Last Winter

January 24, 2012
By nickw1415 BRONZE, Saint Louis County, Missouri
nickw1415 BRONZE, Saint Louis County, Missouri
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I lie glaring at the ceiling ,agitated by the lack of cold and snow this year. As a whole, the city got no more than a couple inches of snow and it now is pushed into the ground by the blaring rainfall. It's mid January and its storming harder then it would in tornado season. I anticipated the winter to be at least half as bitter and icy as the previous year. Last year had some of the most bitter weather and heavy snowfall I've seen. Two years before that an ice storm unleashed its fury, it seemed to freeze all life, and i still think of it as the most ominous and strange weather I've seen. Unfortunately, this winter has been far to similar to a cool spring. I hope that this will be the last warm winter for a long time.

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