January 19, 2012
By Anonymous

I had a great thanksgiving! I started my day at 5:30 AM, I ran the 5K turkey trot in downtown Detroit at 7:00AM. I ran with my mom and one of my friends from cross country. It was so fun and a wonderful start to my thanksgiving day! There were 21,000 people running in it and I was glad to be one of them. After we finished the run, we went to the original Lafayette Coney Island, it was so yummy! When I got home, running through the door, I went right upstairs to wake my sister up! Around 10:00AM, I took a nap until 1:30PM on my couch. When I woke up I was excited to see that my whole family was at my house. My uncle and aunt are chefs so they always cook for us on thanksgiving. We also rarely see them so it’s always nice to have their company. My aunt, who was smiling, ran and gave me a hug when she saw that I was awake. I said hello to all my family members once I was awake. It was great to see everyone together! My three little cousins were at my house as well, one set of twins; 8 years old, and one 10 year old. They’re all a piece of work, but I loved seeing them, they are the entertainment for the family. One of my cousins, Sammy, jumping up and down smiling, ran and jumped to give me a hug! He sure woke me up! We ate very early; at 4:45, I had no problem because I absolutely love eating at any time of the day! The meal was great. It was very unfortunate for my sister because she had just gotten her wisdom teeth pulled so the only thing she could eat was the mashed potatoes while she had to watch everyone eat all the good stuff! I had a wonderful thanksgiving with my family.

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