When my love took over him

January 19, 2012
I lifted my head so my eyes can meet his gazing ones, luminous as the night stars in a cloudless evening. Only now that I’ve realized how I’ve missed every bold feature of his, all his imperfections seemed flawless the minute he started moving his mouth to speak, right at this moment my ears were not capable of collecting the sound clearly, because somehow my heart beats succeeded to veil every wave of sound, a while later I heard his voice slowly interfering melodically with the beat in my chest. When dizziness filled the atmosphere, I was aware that I need to breath. As my ears concentrated on the vibes of his voice, my eyes traced the curved lines which define his face.

Heavy, black eyebrows rise and fall matching his facial expressions, accompanied by dazzling and flirtatious looks which are breath taking, supported by thick and beautifully long eyelashes that framed the masterpiece of his iris. The lines fell gracefully to shape a suitable formed nose balancing his oval profile and when my sight lays on the source of his voice the only things that keeps me alive are my bated breath and his physic steadily standing in front of me. His lips framed with perfect plain red moved softly in the same way that weakens the most of me. From that moment on, my existence denied that my galaxy has ever revolved around the sun, but it had always revolved around him. The minute after my mind was blank, filled with numbness that seemed to have its own form of emotions, when warm vibes ran through my cheeks. Second by second I tell you, the ground was no longer underneath my fragile body, not even an object or a person around, none.

I cared not about the eyes watching us, what mattered were the eyes I’m watching. I was indulged in a world that was never attached to reality, a moment worth freezing and saving for a life time, but even “forever” didn’t sound enough for my conscience. One feels gratitude to find these shivers somewhere and never find it elsewhere. Because that’s when one knows that he’s force of gravity is a constant that remains confirmed. The significance of feelings and emotions is unbearable, because no matter how long or how many words exist, these factors are not capable of comprehending how a heart can cherish another, the way mine does.

That’s when the mightiest of feelings remain untold, unspoken and unexplained but they exist deeply waiting for the right moment to explode. And when my endurance fails to hold back too, it’s glorious to let all find their way out, hopefully I would drift my all to you.

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Nour said...
Feb. 4, 2012 at 9:26 am
It is really one of the best articles I've read in my life! ;)
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