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January 18, 2012
By satines SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
satines SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Never be Nobody, there are too many reasons to be Somebody in your life

Many people are born and die at the same time, at the same day and exactly at the same second. Somebody falls in love with somebody and the opposite- they split up. Everything happens around us but do we really notice it? No! We basically don’t care about it at all, we just close our eyes and think about our own problems. That’s how the world is constructed. But you don’t even know that your life schedule is the same as other people’s. If I gather about 20 people in a room from different continents they won’t differ from each other but the look. What does usually an ordinary person do every day?1.Time to wake up 2.has breakfast 3. goes to work 4. comes back 5. has dinner 6. goes to bed 7. already slept. END! Is it the same as yours? Yes You can’t deny it inside yourself.

There are too many questions we wish to get answers for them. Who Am I? What’s my mission in this world? Or can scientists ever find life on Mars or maybe I wonder how many plastic operations did Madonna do to stay “fresh”?. Too many questions that surround us and don’t let us sleep, because our brain is too busy to have some rest.

This day also passed and what I got from it? Absolutely nothing! You know why? Because I was just sitting near my computer and watched trash like a paralysed robot. I spent that day doing nothing while at the same time in some hospital doctors were trying to save a man’s life and couldn’t do it, he’s dead. Maybe he deserved that day more than we did. Maybe he had some dreams to realize. He should have survived not us. That’s why I like the idea of Social Darwinism - let one less stupid person live in this world...

During all our time we make choices. choices that either can make you or can break you. Choices that can bring many stresses, for weaker people to drugs, psychic hospitals and to the worst - to death. Everything happened in my life was a choice. every single one that build me - myself. Right I was afraid, but I knew you couldn’t escape them and started to fight. Somebody far away from me gave me a hope, gave me myself as a present and I started to breathe. But some people even didn’t try to help me they just stayed away and didn’t care at all. At first it seemed me so annoying, but then realized everything. Now I’m very thankful them for doing nothing for me, because they let me do all by myself and feel proud. Now I know what I live for and what an empty person you are when somebody does every choice instead of you.

I’m writing this essay and know not everybody is going to get the idea of his/her non-living. I just want you and me to live our day like there’s no tomorrow. Maybe when you realize it you’ll start to do something that is unusual for you. For instance somebody will go to eat sushi, that never tried in his/her life, somebody will throw him/her into the pool and won’t have feeling of fear anymore. For example I’ll seat on the fastest and scariest roller coaster to feel the extreme, to feel how my soul leaves my body and then return.

What I was trying to say by each sentence I put here. Never be NOBODY, be SOMEBODY! Do something awkward, perfect, it doesn’t matter, be the one who is going to be in people’s memories even after you’re gone...

The author's comments:
Some weeks ago I watched a movie called "Mr Nobody" that very inspired me to write thoughts and feelings I kept in myself for a long time...This story really gives me hope and power.

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