Red Visions Danced in her Eyes

January 18, 2012
By crazy13 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
crazy13 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Her eyes are pointed at her walking down the courtyard. She tries to hide behind the mass mobs of people in front of the courtyard only, to have her hair pulled and thrown to the ground. Her bag is thrown in the other direction and her body was pulled to the ground from her hair, thrusting her head against the hard concrete. The loud ‘thud’ of her head meeting the concrete echoed in her skull and made her ears ring. She bit her lip and grabbed the back of her head in pain.

She looked up and sees her attacker. The girl was dressed in tight black skinny jeans, a layered red and black tank top with a skin tight black jacket layered on top. Her Nike’s were overly big for the amount of skin tight clothing she had. As her gaze traveled up, her eyes met the girl’s and she saw her eye do the familiar twitch that sent a fist flying her way. She gripped her head harder and tensing her muscles as she felt the girls knuckles dig their way into the side of her ribs. She can hear people walk away and not care about the girl that was laying on the floor.

“Over here girls! I found her!”

“Please stop.”

“Shut up and stay down! Just stay on the floor unless you want another black eye like last time!”

She scrambles up from the floor trying to make a run for it. Suddenly her back felt the hard rubber of All-star Converse push her small body back to the floor. She collapses and hears footsteps coming in her direction. The cold, unwelcoming ground offers her to the group of girls on a silver platter. All the young girl could do was lay her soft cheek upon the ground and pray that someone would come along and save her from such a brutal attack.

The footsteps stop all around her and she closes her eyes. Within seconds of her closing her eyes her stomach is hit with a good thrust into her guts. The sharp pain races through her body and her cries are muffled by a hard hit to her eye. She felt her eye swell. The warming of her eye sent her skin raising like a hot air balloon. She can hear them yell out names and curse at her. Her lifeless body was hit with every blow all over her body. All over she felt the sharp pain stab at her. Her eyes sealed shut by pain she is only able to peek out to see the bright yellow Jordan shoes of the girl that stood before her.

After the long minutes passed with her body huddled on the floor they stopped their vicious attack. They said their final words and shouted their names down at her to further dig her soul and spirit into the ground. With her hands around her waist trying to hold on to the pain from becoming any worse she listens to the group of girls depart and leave her lying body alone on the dirty empty ground. She lies on the cold cement for a few minutes before opening her eyes.

The blurry red vision is hard to see through and getting up was out of the question for her damaged body. Her body screamed of pain and the small streams of blood ran from her nose and made their way to the floor. Her eye sight was horrific and she could feel her left eye beat along with her heart. Every beat more painful than the last. She let’s one arm free from her bruised stomach and pushes against the ground to raise her side off the floor. Her body is shaking and the trembling arm is hardly able to push her body upright. She sits back on her legs and is kneeling above where her blood stain laid. She tries whipping away the blood on her face, but realized that her arm had been scrapped with gravel and was exposing her bright pink flesh. She studied her arms and tried to dab off as much blood as possible only for more to drip from her nose.

Her face was soiled from dirt and tears. And all her clothes had been spotted with her blood. She sniffled and felt a drop of blood escape her nose. With her head bowed she grabbed for her bag that laid a few feet away and dragged it close to her. She dug within the inner pocket and took out her phone and held it close to her ear without fully touching it. The dial tone rang and rang until it stopped and heard a feminine voice. Whipping away tears with her dirty hand she cleared the frog from her throat, "Mom. . ."

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