Small Town Gossip

January 17, 2012
By Anonymous

I've always tried to prove my self and this time I think I went a little to far. In a small town nothing is a secret nothing can be private. This story has gotten messed up along the way no one knows the truth and they possibly never will, well not the people in my town anyways. This story is a story of the time I went to far, but the guy got off easy while I was left with makeup stains on my face and many peopl looking down on me.

It was a year ago around the beginning of December we only had about a week left of school, and this guy was pressuring me to have sex with him. At this time I had a boyfriend and this guy knew that, but yet he still pushed he still wanted to do it. He texted me every day untill I finally said yes. He begged and begged and I couldn't take it anymore I gave in, I gave myself away to a guy who never cared.

When we got exspelled from school a week before christmas break, one of the assistant principles came to get me out of my math class, he never said anything untill we got to a confrence room up in the main office, where one of the women assistant priciples was sitting. My heart was beating faster, I was so scared of what they would say. They told me that they had heard from someone about what I did, I instantly began crying and told them everything that had happened.

I was lectured about the dangers of having sex by the female assistant principle. They told me that they would have to call my dad to come get me, I cried harder and it felt like my heart was about to burst out of my chest. When I saw my dad he had a look of embaressment and shame on his face that I will never forget. He wouldn't talk to me the whole ride home except he told me that I would no longer be having a phone. I wanted nothing more then to disapear right out of the car.

When I got home, I ran to my room and slammed my door, I was a mess. I curled up on my bed and cried, I cried till the tears would no longer come. I had a message from my friend who lives a thousand miles away and I told him what happened he immedeatly said that I was nothing but a w****. I started crying again, I looked into my mirror in my room I didn't recongize the girl who was looking back at me, she looked like me but at the same time she wasn't me. I was hurting more then any one would know.

About a week later I was supposed to go to alternative school, but the paper work never went through. That guy decided to make me the one who looked like bad, I was thought of as the biggest w**** ever, even though other girls had done what I had. I had the rep, before all this happened, of "Little Miss Perfect". Truth be told I am far from perfect. No one would know that it was him who wanted to do it not me. Everyone began talking and along the way the story changed, but none of it was true.

My family says that this small town gossip is hurting them yeah they fill embaressed that I am their daughter, sister, and grand daughter, but they dont see how much it hurt me the one who everyone was tlking about, the one who all the lies were about. I was then at that point the center of Small town Gossip. Everyone says that its embaressing to even be seen with me, but do they see that its embaressing to be in this body, to be the one that everyone is talking about.

A year later, people are still talking and the same lies and gossip is still getting twisted around to make a story that makes sense to them. Even people who called them selfs my friends who knew the truth are the ones who got in on the gossip. To this day it is hard for me to leave this house or even go to the mall were everyone of my old classmates stare at me and laugh. This is my story of how i had to deal with small town gossip.

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