Dear Logan

January 23, 2012
By Connor95 BRONZE, Goffstown, New Hampshire
Connor95 BRONZE, Goffstown, New Hampshire
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Dear Logan,

Hey bro, it’s me. I just wanted to talk to you about how you’ve always been the best brother I’ve ever had. You always were there for me unlike the other one. We may have our differences but we get along well. We may get a little physical with each other but to tell the truth it’s just to show that I am stronger than you from the last time we saw each other. You live pretty far but we still talk each other over Facebook and we still poke fun at each other. That is why you are still the better brother to me.

The time you stayed with us here in New Hampshire was fun because you worked at the movie theater near the closest Target and we saw a few movies (Meet the Spartans, Transformers, and Spider-Man 3). Also we just play video games together or I’d just watch you and sometimes help. I’d try beating you in some things but that never really worked out. Plus I still have the Pokémon cards you gave me and I’ll never get rid of them. You may think I’m cheater in some video games, but I don’t think so I’m just trying to have the most fun in those games. I really want some of these days to come back because they were fun.

Then there’s you now you’re about to get married and you are about to graduate from college. I don’t know if you’ve gotten a job yet but if you haven’t go get one you lazy bum. I mean really bro your fiancé has two jobs and your just going to school you need to get a job to help support you and her. Plus it was nice to meet your fiancé I really liked her and I know mom liked her to. It really is surprising that you are getting married next year but at least you’re waiting that both you and her are done with college. Unlike our other brother, who got married in most people in our families’ opinion to fast. I really can’t wait since I get to help, even though I’m just ushering people to their seats.

Bro, when people see us, they think we are the same but I really can’t see the similarities. I know that we both have the same hairline but other than that we don’t share much in common. First off I have much darker skin than you. Plus I don’t think we sound the same my voice can be much deeper than yours. Also my hair is darker than yours. So I don’t understand how people when see me and they know you, how they think I look more like you than my dad.

I really can’t believe that you’re an adult. This is because I was only around you when you were just starting high school. Then I didn’t see you until you were a junior and doing robotics. Then I saw you at your high school graduation. But then you stayed with us in New Hampshire for a 1 and a half to 2 years then you left. Last time I saw you was a couple of months ago. If you do what your fiancé wants I’ll probably be seeing you a lot more.

This is what I really think of you bro; you’re a nice guy but you can be sensitive some times. You really care, especially when our mom and my dad got divorced you called but I never heard from our brother. Plus you act like my best friend some times and I will always have more respect for you over the other. You always treat me with the same respect. This is why you are and always will be my favorite brother. Even though you don’t have to treat me like you do; but you don’t because you always treat people how they treat you.

I guess why I don’t like our brother is because he is nothing more than a jerk and a bully. I know I’ve only heard stories of him beating on you and there was the time I saw him trying to stab. I think that there is no reason for him to be that way. Also it may have looked that he has changed but I know that he really hasn’t because the true side of you always shows itself. These are just a few of the reasons why I don’t like our brother. But in a small way I still care for but it’s only because he is my brother.

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