The Words We Hear Aren't Just Talk

January 16, 2012
By w.massie.3 BRONZE, Hemet, California
w.massie.3 BRONZE, Hemet, California
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The way we move, the way we talk, is all brought by parental shock, anything and everything we do is affected by them. When we are young all we want is to please them, as we grow we begin to resent their words of advice. We begin to do things we know would disappoint them, we begin to rebel. The feeling of power we gain by being a two faced monster is nothing but a facade, we all feel guilt. Every rebellious move we make is countered by our conscious. In our hearts we know we do what we do, to feel power and control when really, it is nothing but a fleeting feeling. The power we feel is fueled by fear. The fear of being caught, being exposed as what our parents hate. We love them even when we say we hate them. We know they are the ones who created us yet all we want is to take that from them and be on our own. To do what we want. They once felt the same, they once "hated" their parents. Look where they are now, they are the parents, the "bad guys" and us? We will be there before we know it, enjoy what we have, thank them for what they give us, a roof above our heads, clothes on our backs, and over all love and wisdom for our futures, the same wisdom they wanted when they were young, the same wisdom they once ignored as we do now. We are one in the same.

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