Saving in the Broken

January 14, 2012
You found me in a broken place.

My confused tangled mine yearning for compassion while my thoughts nervously paced the walls of where my eyes followed the soft faded color.

My fragile heart pounding through my ches and my body shaking.

I didn't know much about you, yet my stomach vastly turned to taste the radiant sympathy of the words you said.

The months soon swayed by with your gentle kiss of care pressed to my mind, while the world threw oppositions between the tides. We drifted apart in the seas of struggling life, making an emotional beauty of such exquisite fine art.

Each time thoughts were exchanged, the dirty water I fight drowning in becomes clearer.

You take me to a different world, where all horrid I know becomes a bigger hope.

Hope you make me see beneath the depths of my very eyes, back to the back of my mind, down my throat, into my tattered beaten heart where your name forever lies in a scared place.

and when I think of you..

I see the sunshine lighting up the dawning day with the placement of your Italian smile, while your very own soul bursts into colliding colors of light in the night sky making all the beauty worth watching, keeping the inspirational light in my pupils glistening.

In every conversation, on every smiled stringed together, with all my mind, heart, and soul, I see... a Hero.

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