Dogs In Heaven.

January 20, 2012
By N.Marfil PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
N.Marfil PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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Öf all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

There should be a special place, closer to Heaven than to Earth, where the heart of the spirit-less can rest in peace. A place that takes in the souls that were made along the way, with memories colliding into a whole. Souls not meant to exist, but that did anyway.
A place without restrictions, but with freedom. A place without fear, but with happiness. Simple kind of happiness. The type that us humans aren't innocent enough to enjoy.
And this place should be filled with nothing but joy. Nothing but sunlight. No more cold nights, no more lonely afternoons.
A place made by those of us who've fallen in love with the idea of the existence of a soul where it does not belong.
A place made to care for those who've gone too far away for us to protect.
A place where memories are reborn and able to grow into the magnificence reflected in their eyes.
A place so far away from reality, that leads them into creating their own new life-less life. A place that has been born in our minds, but now has broken so many boundaries and reached a spot above the sky.
A place where you don't hear words, but the sound of happy barking. A place not illuminated by faces with smiles, but with wagging tails and sparkling eyes. A place so simple that a human could not understand. So beautifully simple.

A place where you can be happy. A place where my love for you won't ever fade. A place for you to run and play and finally receive the happiness you deserve.

A place where you can realize how much I've always loved you. A place where your bark and your howl can echo through the universe. A place where you can feel the warm, perfect soul that I've created for you.

And though I'm hurt and letting sadness sink deep into my heart, I want to believe that though you aren't welcome in heaven, you've found a spot in the place my mind has designed specifically for you.

I know that there's no point in holding on, when you're already gone. I know that God didn't create you so you would meet with him in the end. I know that I won't see you again. I won't ever look into your color-changing eyes. I know I won't hear your excited bark or see your wagging tail when I come home anymore. I know that you loved me. I could feel it radiating off of you. I just hope you knew I loved you too.

It's so impossible not to feel. So horrible to be submerged in pain, knowing that your heart won't beat again. It's hard to let go of you, but I will.

I'm sending you to your own perfect heaven. And though I know it isn't real, I have to turn this thought into a belief, because it's far too painful to acknowledge that dogs do not belong in heaven.

The author's comments:
- Inspired after the death of my beautiful dog.

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