Bad Jellyfish

January 19, 2012
By Noah Squibb BRONZE, Wyoming, Michigan
Noah Squibb BRONZE, Wyoming, Michigan
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I got a little surprise for my favorite grandchildren.
Ooh what is it? My little sister Emma said with eagerly.
Well, your grandmother and I thought it would be nice, since you did so well last year in school, if we took you and your mum and step-dad to Miami, Florida this summer!
Oh my god!!! That's awesome!!
My sisters let out their excitement like small children. Me, being the oldest had to act cool, but it was so hard with this incredible news. My grandpa smiled at us with his wrinkled face and grey beard, looked like the Santa Claus I saw at the mall the other day.
Well, what do you think Noah?
I think that this summer is going to be the best!
When we went home that night I could not stop thinking about Florida. The beautiful beaches, awesome night life and finally being able to be in a ocean. That next Friday we would, by plane, arrive in Miami. I packed all the essentials cloths, my iPod, phone, etc.
Friday morning I'm up and ready to leave early. It was a beautiful summer morning and the trees were full of green leaves, the sun was up and shining through my window and the birds were singing. But of course no one else but me would be up at 7 in the morning when we leave at 2pm. So I just play my video games until the lazy heads get up.
Being at the airport was a whole new experience on itself. We arrived at this big place that felt like a mall up until you had security watch your every move. Going through security was long and tedious and I happen to have the hairy guy who smelled funny.
We apparently got there just a little early and ended up waiting for about 2 and a half hours. We looked as if we were homeless and lived in terminal E-6. I watch plane after plane take off and then land, hoping the next one would be ours until finally we heard:
E-6 passengers with A tickets please board now.
My grandma says to me, "Sorry but we're B.".
sonofabitch I thought to myself. After a slow A boarding it was finally my turn and I got into my seat, next to the window to see us airborne and my cousin, thankfully, was in my row.
You know that taking off is the worst and most dangerous part of riding a airplane. If we don't get up in the air soon the engine could explode.
Shut up man, I know that ain't true.
No, seriously. And landing is even worse.
And with that I put my ear buds in and listened to my music. Taking off was a little scary but it got better. I stared out the tiny window the whole time. Admiring the blue sky with clouds below since we were over them. I could see the actual wings and it scared me because they would shake violently. Once we landed I could see outside the airport with all the palm trees and a small pond with frigging ALLIGATORS!
We got to our hotel, which was really nice, and Chris and I shared a room. Two beds with a wide screen TV and a bathroom with a jacuzzi tub.
Damn, grandpa and grandma really hooked us up.
Yea, remember to thank them A LOT after this.
I didn't wanna be inside the whole time, I wanted to go to the beach and that's exactly what we did. The whole family went down to the beach which was just outside our hotel. The sand was a great white color with little plants sticking out in places and was hot to the touch. The sky was so blue with the shining sun upon us and the white birds flying overhead. I ran into the ocean water and it was warm and felt nice. The salt kinda irritated my skin because of my first time in salt water but it was worth it. I swam in the swimming boundaries looking underwater to the shallow end fish that were brave enough to come near the swimmers. Being from Michigan I really wanted to see some coral reefs and bigger fish so I swam past the boundary just to get a look. Not really thinking I just kept swimming, keeping my eyes closed most of the time above water because the salt irritated my eyes. I waded for awhile until I had a sharp pain on my left thigh. It felt as though hot needles had pricked my leg, then another and soon a swarm of white jellyfish was coming in on me from the deeper parts of the ocean. I panicked and kicked which got me stung 3 more times and I swam as fast as I could to shore. My legs hurt so bad I eventually just swam with my arms. When I got to shore I laid on the sand and looked down and my legs were all red from the stings. They called a lifeguard over and he called the paramedics. The lifeguard poured vinegar on my legs which helped a bit but it still hurt. I went to the hospital later and they helped with the pain. From that moment since then I have been terrified of any natural body of water, not knowing what is out there to harm me

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