The Silent Killer

January 13, 2012
By zacharymcelroy BRONZE, Holt, Michigan
zacharymcelroy BRONZE, Holt, Michigan
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You would suspect a killer to be stealthy and fast and a professional at what they do, but I know a killer and it is not any of those that killer is my wiener dog snickers. Snickers a wirehaired dachshund, his hair is black and Carmel colored, that’s why we named him, snickers.

Snickers, probably the dumbest dog alive on this earth today, he barks at absolutely everything and he is scared of his own shadow. The one thing I am proud of him is that he tells me when he has to go to the bathroom, because if he went on the floor my mom would probably kick him half way across the world.

Every time I would take snickers on a walk he always had an interest in rabbits, if he saw one he would growl and go crazy, so I would try to keep him away form rabbits. Also, since he is scared of his own shadow any sound made, he is scared of it.

One morning I woke up to the licking of my dog, he was telling me that he had to go to the bathroom. So I slugged out of bed and picked snickers up and slowly headed downstairs to take him out side. When I hooked snickers to his leash and let run down the stairs, I saw the rabbit just sitting in the middle of our back yard. Its like it wanted to die, snickers saw the rabbit and it was all over, Snickers chased and leapt right onto the rabbit. Before I knew it there was a dead rabbit in the middle of my back yard, and I had to clean it up. From that day till now snickers has never acted the same.

You would expect a killer to be good at what they do but snickers, is just a dumb dog that killed a rabbit and now does not act the same.

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