January 18, 2012
By MUNOZ BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
MUNOZ BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Through a good day of school it was time for me to go home. My father picks me up and
he had a strange look on his face on the way home. The ride was the quietest I ever
seen my father been .When we got home the phone was non- stop ring. No one let me
answer the phone in didn’t know why.
Until my mother got home she walks into the door I never that sad. Her
eyes were redder then a red light. Her eyes were so swollen that I could barely see her
eyes. I was shock I was wondering why she was so sad it hurt me very much. It was like
I took a sucker punch to the stomach. I never like to see mother sad .When she saw
me she walked into the bathroom without saying a word.
When she came out me of the bathroom she told me that she needs to
talk to me. I was very worried I was what could it be .So we sat in my living room on my
big brown couch. Then she grabs my hand and she tells me that my cousin is in the
When she told me that I was so sad. I didn’t know how to take it. But my
cousin was like my big brother to me .He was like that to all of his cousins .So that
when I ask my mom why is in the hospital then the phone rang and she cut me off .
At that moment she hang up the phone very quick and she told me that we were
going to California .At that point i didn't her why because at that point she seem lost
emotionally so at that point i didn't even bother i did what she said . So i started packing
even though i didn't know how many days i was going for . So i after i was done i
packing i put my stuff and bags in my black ford truck . So after we all packed all of us
were on the way to California. 30 minutes into the car ride i fell asleep .So i knock out
when i woke up we arrive at this big hospital. i will never forget how it look with it big
windows and cream paint from the outside . so then we went inside it was all white and
then we go in the elevator and we went to the 12 floor . when the door open the whole
family was waiting in the wait room and you can tell the sadness on there face . So then
my older cousin took us to go see my cousin . When i saw him i though he was still
breathing but my cousin told us that he was dead and the only thing that was keep him
alive was machine . In that moment i start to cry non-stop because my cousin was like
brother to me . So the next day was his funeral and i was so shock how many people
came to his funeral . I was so happy because when i saw that i knew that my cousin
was love very much and that made me very happy . But at the end i still didn't know
how he died and at the end of all of it i don`t think i want to know because in this case i
could say he went happy and peacefully .

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