January 12, 2012
By Anonymous

“Ow! Ow! It hurts!” Tears streaming down my face, the only thing I was thinking about was the pain. I thought I was dying. Richie, my brother’s best friend, comes charging at me like he was running from a lion. He scoops me up into his arms and runs towards my house screaming my brother’s name.

I blame my friend for this incident. I was four years old and had no idea how to do the monkey bars. My friend is a few months younger than me and could do everything before me including the monkey bars. I wanted to prove to her that I wasn’t a baby so when she said to me “Come on just do the monkey bars, it’s not hard.” I gave in. I climb up the ladder like I was climbing to my death. My palms were sweaty from all of my nerves. I get to the top rung on the ladder and grab on to the first bar. Slowly I move my hand to the second bar. I’m getting excited, I’m actually doing it. Then all of the sudden my hand slips and I fall 6 feet to my death. I hear a snap, thinking I broke a branch. Then a shooting pain goes straight to my left collar bone, which makes me realize it was one of my bones.

When I got home my mom immediately took me to the hospital. Once there they draped this heavy coat looking thing on top of me and put me in a scary, cold, dark room all by myself. Then a buzzing sound goes off and I start to cry. The doctor comes back in and tries to comfort me but all I wanted was my mom, not some creepy old guy who put me in this terrible room. While we were waiting for the results the doctor finally comes into the room and tells us that I didn’t break anything.

My mom and I decided that we were going to get a second opinion. So we left and went to my pediatrician. When I got there she didn’t even have to put me in a creepy, dark room to get another x-ray. She told us instantly that I broke it. Then she gave me an embarrassing brace that looked like a backpack that I had to wear for a few months. I looked like I was ready to go to school all day every day.

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