Happiness Created

January 12, 2012
Although she is only three years old, my little sister has overcome many obstacles and lights up so many people’s lives. Sadie was born three years ago into a loving family of seven. She had everything a little girl could ever want. From three protective big brothers, to a beautiful big sister with every intention of giving her everything she wanted, whenever she wanted it. She had all of the material things before she was even born. Her life was bound to be labeled as perfection. She was beautiful, sweet, and simply flawless as everyone from the outside had seen. Little did she know, she would overcome many obstacles throughout her life and learn a lot at a very young age. Sadie is my little sister. Even though she is only three, she is the strongest, sweetest, most amazing, inspiring person I know. I look up to her for so many reasons.

My mom and Brandon got married about four years ago. My brother and I took on two new brothers, a new father figure, and later on, a little sister, Sadie. It all started when Sadie was just a few months old. Brandon was not the person we all thought he really was. Brandon had a problem. An alcohol problem. When Sadie was just a little helpless baby, unaware of anything that was happening, or that could happen, she would spend many restless nights with me in my bed. All I could do was hold her and make it seem as if everything was okay. Not only did I know I had to keep her without stress, but she comforted me also. She reassured me that someone was there. She reassured me that I wasn’t alone amongst all of the commotion. As Sadie got older over the next three years, she’d spend many nights with me still. Sometimes it would just be that she wanted to sleep with me because I was the only one she felt truly comfortable with. She was scared, and couldn’t bear to be around the raised voices and the slamming doors. She would always ask me, “You okay, sister?” making sure I was comfortable, not even worrying about herself. She wanted to make sure I was okay, and she was taking care of me as I had always done for her.

The things she has been through have put an impact on my whole family. It’s things like her being afraid to be left alone in a room by herself for just a few seconds that take a toll on you. Things like her being so sensitive about her feelings. It’s even hard to discipline her sometimes because every time you raise your voice at her, you see big tears, and hear, “You make me cry.” She worries about little things that three year olds shouldn’t worry about. Everything Sadie has been through has brought her to a very high maturity level. She understands more, and knows to be cautious and not to completely trust anyone.

No matter how her day has gone, or how she went to sleep the night before, or how she woke up that morning, Sadie always makes the best out of things. No matter how old you are, you can always undergo stress. It just depends on what kind of person you are to be able to cope with it. Sadie won’t let stress get in her way of smiling and making others smile. Her favorite thing to do is make you laugh. Whether she is singing, dancing, or making funny faces, she is always determined to get a laugh out of someone. Not only to hear a laugh, but so she can laugh too. Just to see that crooked little smile makes you grin, and she knows it! I think it takes a very strong person to look over all of the hard times and still find a reason to smile every day, no matter how old you are. You have to be willing to be a happy person, and you have to be willing to forgive and forget. That is just what my little sister has always done.

I’ve always been the one there for my little sister, and have taught her to do the same for others. I’ve always been the one there to make her laugh and smile even when times were tough, and I know that’s why she is the way she is today. I look up to Sadie, just as she has always looked up to me. She is always the one there when I need a hug. She is always the first one who asks, “What’s wrong?” when something really is wrong and I try and hide my feelings. Sadie is the most amazing person I know. My little sister has showed me that no matter what you go through, you can always create happiness for yourself, as well as bring it out in others.

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