My Mistake

January 11, 2012
By Anonymous

The sun is shining. It's a brisk morning and all the leaves lie upon the ground. I sit erect in my bed, looking out at the world as I get ready to face my pupils at school. This day would turn out different then my usual day. For in my dresser lay a box. Not a fancy box or anything, but a box full of pills. I stare at this box for it seems hours. My fingers slowly open it to expose what could end it all, no more pain. The next thing I know I have taken them all and I journey out the door, into the school. I don't remember much. The next thing I realize is the burning, the awful burning as though someone were pushing hot coals into my stomach. I lay there in the nurses station as my parents come to pick me up. As I lay in the back seat, the world is slowly turning dark as I drift off. Is this the end of it all? Can I finally move on, is the pain now over? Everything is dark now. There is a little light in this abandoned darkness. As I slowly creep to it, I see my grandparents. They hug me and tell me everything is okay. I knew this was it, my end. I hear something faintly coming from my grandmothers mouth. "it's not your time, great things will happen, people need you." She planted the softest kiss on my forehead, so soothing and warm. The next thing I know, I'm awake in the back seat of the car; my parents have stopped for fast food. As I sit up and was nearly blinded by the sunlight, every pain I had was gone. I look back on this today and think, thank you for the second chance. No one ever knows of this day, the pills I have ingested were never spoken of. It was as if it had never happened.

The author's comments:
A dear friend of mine has taken his own life recently and that inspired to tell my story. I want to put an end to teen bullying and teen suicide. I want people to see my experience and know that yes, I have been there and I understand and can help. I love life and It may have its ups and downs but I want to help people so they don't make the mistake I did.

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