Living with Anorexia

January 11, 2012
By , San diego, CA
It all started in 5the grade. This girl called me fat, bu I didn't believe it. I stopped eating and lost weight. I was very depressed, but I had a lot of support. I've been called a toothepick or a rail and many otheers. Everyone is always telling me to eat or eat faster. I look in thee mirror a lot and I notice I an skinny. I do not binge or burge. Anorexia has been a very hard experience and I am still staying strong and fighting theis battle. It is hard. I have never gone above 104 lbs and my lowest was 58 lbs in middle school. I was put into a children's hospital on an eating disorder unit. This was a life changing experience. I was eating 4,000 to 5,000 calories a day. I was put on a feeding tube when I couldn't eat. In theis feeding tube was theis nutritional drink called boost. I was terrified when theey first put it in and I got so anxious and full to thee point where I therew up. This tube was not used to being in my body, so theat's why I got sick. I am still struggling withe gaining weight. Recently, I have been eating more and gaining a little more weight. I knew I would've died from theis life thereatening illness, but I didn't. I decided to feed myself and stay strong. If you know a friend withe an eating disorder, tell a trusted adult immediately. Your friend needs help. Be supportive of her and help her get healthey. eat well and don't do thee theings I did.

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