The Worst Day

January 11, 2012
By prple0111 BRONZE, Decatur, Illinois
prple0111 BRONZE, Decatur, Illinois
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Today is August 3rd, 2008, the worst day of my life. “Kaitlyn!” “Kaitlyn!” “Kaitlyn!” I wake up to my mom standing next to my bed with tears in her eyes. I asked her what is wrong and she tells me that my grandma Ann died last night in her sleep. My heart stops beating for thirty seconds. I start bawling and bawling. I think this is a dream, so I go back to sleep.
It is June 21st, 2008, the day of my cousin’s high school graduation party. Everybody is talking and laughing at my uncle’s house having a great time with the family. My grandma is telling me about a time when she met Martin Luther King Jr. I am listening very contently. I love when my grandma tells me stories about her childhood and adulthood. When she starts talking about her next story, I look at her and notice that she looks thinner and frailer. I think it’s just because she is getting older. My mom calls everybody to the kitchen for a picture. There are nineteen people all squished together. My grandma is on my right and my second cousin Rachel is on my left. I am enjoying the moment and making all these poses because I think I am a model. When the pictures are done, the party ends.
It is June 28th, 2008, a week after the party. My dad calls my brothers, Kyle and Ryan, and I into the family room for a family meeting. I notice that my dad looks sad and tired. My dad tells us that grandma Ann has cancer and a rare form of it. I start crying and my brothers come and try to cheer me up. I think that my grandma will die in a couple of days. The next day I wake up and realize that my grandma could get past this with chemo. From that day until August 2nd, 2008, I pray every night and morning.
It is July 12th, 2008, two weeks after the news about my grandma. We are back in my uncle’s house, but this time there is not any laughing. My parents, brothers, and I are in this small room in my uncle’s house where my grandma is staying until she gets better. She is very positive and telling us about her chemo. She is even thinner then she was when we were at the party. There is a bunch of hair on her pillow. She notices me looking at it and says that it is from the chemo. She pulls some hair out of her head and shows me. My dad yells at her and tells her not to do that. We stay there for four days. When we leave I don’t realize that is the last time I will ever see my grandmother.

It is August 3rd, 2008, the worst day of my life. My mom wakes me up again and tells me that it is not a dream and my grandmother has really died. I can’t believe it is true. I start crying and in my head, I see pictures of my grandma sitting in the front row at my wedding smiling. I always thought my grandma would be there for my wedding day. This makes me cry even more. I cry for a week straight, all through my grandma’s visitation, and a couple of more days. I never thought once that she was going to die.

The author's comments:
I hope that people will see how bad cancer is and how much it effects a family. You never know when the end is going to come. That is the worst part about it. I hope you enjoy this!

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