Life never stays the same.

January 12, 2012
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I walked down the newly student filled hallways of my brand new school. With it being my first year I had no friends.... and I was okay with that, I had just come from a school where I had very few friends and i was determined to become known as a sweet, smart, and fun girl... not a geek. Little did i know my life would change forever.
“Are you okay?” I asked panicked, there was a girl curled up on the floor, I helped her up.
“yea... (sniffle) I'm fine..” She was older than me but not by much, she was beautiful even with black mascara streaking down her face. She had dark brown hair and piercing golden brown eyes, she was in short my worst nightmare, what i was trying to avoid. The popular girl in school....
“Holly! what’s the matter?” a girl pushed me out of the way and crushed Holly in to a hug
“Nothing, I'm fine” she hugged the girl back and gave a faint smile to reassure the girl she was fine.
“Thank you........” she paused and looked down at the floor confused and i realized she didn’t know my name.
“Marissa, I’m Marissa your welcome.”
I went on with my school year watching carefully of Holly, watching the way she spoke to other people and the way she expressed her emotions, she was different, in a sense intimidating. She always stood with one hand on her hip glaring in to the distance. Most girls avoided her but some dared to go near her. Some girls would glare as she walked by and quietly spit poison back and fourth gossiping about her. It was like she was the most hated yet most loved person in the school. Soon came winter vacation, I had made it through the first quarter of the school year and had some amazing friends at my side i was almost where i wanted to be with my friends and the reputation i wanted to have. As the winter frost bit at my nose i was planing my vacation..... unknowingly adding an event to my list.
I was walking through Walmart and a tall, thin girl walked passed me, i glanced up as she passed me but looked right back down at the nail polish i was thinking of buying, by the time i looked back up she had reached me, It was Holly......
“Hey!” she ran to me and embraced me in a hug. I smiled and hugged her in return
“I... um.....well..Um” We both stammered and at the same time both blurted out
“I forgot your name” we both started laughing, we both felt horrible for forgetting the other persons name but at least we both forgot! We had cracked the ice that was keeping us apart. We spoke every day after that talking for hours on end on the phone. The thin layer of snow started to melt and school started again, when you walked into the schools front door the was a huge buzz of craziness, every one showing off there new electronics and toys they had gotten over the Christmas break. Holly asked me to come to her house soon after school started, i warmly agreed to come, we had hung out a lot at school and we were starting to get close. I came to found she wasn’t the fragile girl i found in the hallway 4 months before. She was strong and let things bounce off of her, but that was what was shown on the outside, on the inside the poison the girls would spit hurt her deeply and no one even tried to protect her. I took protecting her as my own duty, people never understood her they thought she was snotting and thought she thought she was better than everyone. It seemed that i was the only one who understood her, I could look at her and tell what she was thinking how she was feeling, and when something was wrong. People would ask how i could stand to be around her, and try and tell me who she really was I never would stay long enough for people to plead there cases. I had the reputation i wanted to gain at my new school, but Holly was my best friend and needed my help so i was done ignoring the recurring comments i got from people about Holly. I was done being quiet and stepped up for me and her, I lost friends but gained a new respect from people as did Holly. By this time there wasn’t a second we weren’t together if we could be we had issues now and then but people understood I was done with the gossip about us. Now we are stronger than ever and never fight, we finish each others sentences and complete each others personality's and i gained the most loyal friend i would ever have and still have 3 years later.

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