How to Avoid the Real Issue

January 12, 2012
Who hasn’t heard the saying money doesn’t buy happiness? It seems like everyone should believe that, too, but not everyone does. There are plenty of people out there who date for money and not for what they really want. People base their lives of making more and more money, they give up family, friends and love just for power and an expensive lifestyle. This isn’t the case with every person who wants the big cash, some can handle it all without giving up things. So how does advertisements and tv shows play into who we really are? They can show a lot about our true selves.

As I was flipping through a magazine, I turned to a page with an advertisement covering it. The background was black with white letters and the top and bottom. The middle part was what caught my eye. In the center, was a diamond ring. This ring was not your typical ring either. It had at least three rows of diamonds on it and it seemed like if I had put that ring on, it would be hard to hold the finger it was on, up. With no price to be found, it was simple to see that this ring was very expensive. The first thought to seeing a ring like this would be that it was advertising for a wedding ring. I first thought that. That wasn’t it’s purpose, though. Attached to the jewelry was a string with a note. On the note, it read, I’m cheaper than a therapist. I read it again to make sure what I had seen was correct. This ring was being advertised so that a man could shut up his wife/girlfriend. That thought alone was unbelievable to me. If that is not a sign that society thinks in terms of material items, I don’t know what is.

I know for sure that I would not accept a ring as a solution to issues in a relationship. That might be my opinion, but apparently it’s not the way of thinking of many other women. This advertisement is like a slap in the face to women everywhere. It says that we will stop our whining if we get something nice or expensive. That’s all women really care about. That relationship issues can be resolved by material things. This is not true. A ring might solve the problem at first, if the women even accepts it, but later the problem will come right back. Then the man will keep buying more and more things without actually dealing with it. The therapist would actually end up being cheaper, plus it might be more expensive in the beginning, but it will solve things for good. Not temporally.

There are for sure the people who think this ad is funny or just a light-hearted jab at women. They could say it’s not really true, it’s just a joke. The part they are wrong about is that it is does happen. Men do buy expensive gifts to resolve issues. It may not be right, but it happens all the time. Advertisements like this add fuel to the fire. I do like nice things, but I would never accept them as they are advertised here. I, personally, find this ad very offensive and I believe all other women should, too.

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