An American Girl Runs on Dunkin Donuts

January 12, 2012
By vsurma BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
vsurma BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
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Black asphalt serves as a base to the mustard yellow sun-stained lines in the parking lot. A team of little league boys sprint out of their team mom’s mini-van toward the buildings entrance, spontaneously excited for the award they are about to receive for their hard work. A group of witty teenagers cruise along the curvy drive thru awaiting their order. I myself feel a rush of joy and longing, after all it is my favorite event of the year: my birthday. Every year my mom treats me to this completely guilt-free, calorie- counter shattering experience. Once you step in this dull, tan structured building located in Prospect Heights, your world transforms into a breathtaking, never ending delicious wonderland. I believe my fellow Americans will agree that our nation does “run” on this restaurant. Stepping into Dunkin Donuts, one might find it very hard not to be drawn to the wall of scrumptious, shiny pastries on the other side of the cashier. With a large selection of flavors ranging from French curler to long John, it’s hard to say which choice is the best. The perfuming aromas of sweet chocolate, straight out of the oven baked cake, and recently brewed coffee saturate the air.
Ice cream freezer sliding doors squeak loudly as the server dishes out the chatty little leaguers favorite frozen treat.
The person who decided to combine ice cream and donuts into one restaurant and offer you thirty-eight different colorful flavors was a genius. As my mother and I step up to the cash register to place over order, I can’t help reminiscing about the delicious donut flavors. My favorite donut is the chocolate frosted chocolate. When you take the first bite of this amazing creation, your taste buds will scream with rejoice. The rich, chocolate dough melts in your mouth along with the sugary gooey frosting. For my birthday, my mom buys me one of these along with fifty munchkins for my family to share. For me, the best munchkin flavors are jelly and chocolate cake, but Dunkin also offers choices like regular and powdered. These tiny balls of donut may be small, but they burst with as much flavor as the regular donuts. If you’re like me, your Dunkin experience isn’t complete until you order a cup of energizing Joe to go. You can choose from a small, medium or large size cup with a variety of flavors such as chocolate mocha, vanilla frappechino, and regular, making the combinations endless. I order my usual small iced vanilla coffee which tastes refreshing every time. The drink’s chilled texture compliments the sweet vanilla favor, creating a total wake up call for your taste buds. Nothing can compare to being treated to your favorite dessert. Just like the little league players, when ever you take a drive out to Dunkin Donuts, your inner child cannot help but jump for joy.

The author's comments:
I wrote this essay for my Multicultural Literature Class. The topic was to write about your favorite restaurant. I chose to write about Dunkin Donuts.

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