Red Reeboks

January 12, 2012
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The ball feels a breeze as it rolls over the pine-green grass. Then the ball feels pain from a hit it took from my Red Reebok cleats. The ball had received a powerful kick. The pain went away after it soared through the humid summer air and then was caught by the net of the goalie box.

I started to play in a soccer team when I was eight-years-old. I had been using the same old faded black Nike cleats for several years and now that I was on a team my cleats were getting worn out pretty fast. The bottom of my cleats were becoming as flat as the surface of a two-by-four. I needed new cleats on the quicks.
“Dad I need new soccer shoes. The ones I have are tearing apart and they’re starting to hurt my feet,” Said I.
My father said, “I think you need some new ones too. You’ve been having those soccer cleats for a while now. It’s time for you to get some new ones. We’ll go buy you some new cleats this weekend.”
My dad took me to the city on a chilly, summer morning to look for some new cleats. That’s the day when I found my red rubies. That’s the day I got my red Reeboks, which had the logo of my favorite soccer team, Las Chivas del Gudadalajara (a professional soccer team in the Mexican Soccer League). As soon as I saw those red Chivas soccer shoes I knew they were the ones. It was love at first sight. My heart was pounding faster that an engine on a Lambo. The only thing I could see right then and there were those red Reeboks. The only shoes that I was able to see, out of the millions of shoes that were in the store, were those red Reeboks. The only thing I cared about right then and there was to buy those red Reeboks.

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