Strings That Ring

January 12, 2012
By xXrisezXx BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
xXrisezXx BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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Bing, ding, ding, ding, ding, ting, echoed as I strummed the brand new acoustic guitar I bought with the money from eleventh birthday. Blinded with excitement I overlooked the guitar tuner, picks, and receipt for one free guitar lesson my mother bought to preserve the element of surprise that made birthdays so exciting. My newfound love for my guitar was quickly replaced with resent when I realized I knew how to play guitar as well as a newborn baby knows how to talk. This new discovery filled me with enough distain towards the guitar that I decided I wanted to return it. I began pulling out the bubble wrap bag to put over the guitar when I caught sight of the guitar tuner. Inspecting the rest of the box and found the picks and the receipt for one free lesson.

Calmness began flowing through my body when in realized I could take lessons to learn guitar; my rash behavior had blinded me. Re-inspired by this realization I took the guitar back out of the box and decided I would start to teach myself. I ran to my room, guitar clenched, picks in my pocket and guitar tuner in my other hand. I began to try and find a website that could help me learn how to play guitar. After clicking on multiple links I finally found a website I could understand and that would help me. After about twenty aggravating minuets trying to tune my guitar I finally tuned every string to their proper notes. I had finally finished step one.

Then I began trying to find an easy song I could learn how to play. Again I went back to my computer and began searching. The first song I came across was “Ironman” by black Sabbath. I began trying to figure out how to read music, I opened another tab on my computer. Finally, after reading a few websites I had a basic understanding of how to translate the hieroglyphics I had seen earlier into notes on my guitar. Slowly I began to put the song together. I kept playing it over and over again starting out at a slow pace until I cold play it more confidently. As I began improving I increased the tempo of the song until I could play it with the real song.

A new confidence flowed through my veins, at that moment I decided I would keep the guitar and continue learning new songs. Since that day I have continued to play and it even lead to me joining choir.

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