Wings With a Side of Shouts

January 12, 2012
By xXrisezXx BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
xXrisezXx BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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Buffalo wilds wings or more commonly called “Bdubs” is a wing restaurant located on Euclid road right next to Randhurst. It is right next to two busy streets and jewel. The main reason my friends and I go to bdubs, besides the extraordinary wings, is to watch UFC or foot ball. We normally pack two or three cars full of people and caravan over to Buffalo Wild Wings. When we arrive we all rush out of the car and run past the corvette, which must belong to the manager because it’s always there. Then we pile in the door and walk past the gumball machines filled with NFL helmets and NFL shot glasses, where we lose a couple people at because they like to collect them. While they blow their money on the football helmets the rest of us head to the host stand where we give a name to the host, dressed in their black and yellow shirts, and tell them its one of our birthdays. (If you tell them it’s your birthday they will announce it over the intercom and the whole restraunt will cheer and sometime you get a few free wings.) After we put are name in we usually squeeze through the crowed entrance and walk outside to play around in the parking lot while we wait. Usually after about 10 minutes our table is ready. As we get to the table every one scrambles to grab a good seat so their not stuck in the back middle seat which is a hassle to get out of. After we’re all seated we grab the electronic poker games, which are displayed on near by TVs, and all jump in a game of Texas Hold’em while we wait. As soon as the game starts we throw aside our poker pads and begin to shout and cheer for our favorite fighters or teams. In the mean time our waiter will come and take our drink orders and soon after the waiter will come back and take our food orders. Everyone who goes orders wings. My favorite sauce for the wings is the mild sauce followed by the Asian Zing sauce. Soon after, our food arrives and we all begin to chow down. Occasionally we all pitch in to order wings with blazin sauce, their hottest sauce, and have a competition to see who can eat the most, the record is 12. After the game is over we begin doing the math to pay the bill and figure out how much we should leave for a tip. Normally we leave a little more than 20 percent because we’re a little rowdy, make a mess, and usually sit there for a long time. After we finish paying the bill we all slowly make our way back to the car holding our stomach like it would explode if we let go. Then we pile back into the cars and head to someone’s house to lounge around for about an hour.

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