brock snarski

January 11, 2012
By Anonymous

Hannah has the biggest smile. It goes from ear to ear when she is actually happy. Then her eyes light up like the fireflies in the night sky and when she is done smiling she will bite her lip. Her freckles cover her nose and cheeks like chocolate sprinkles on vanilla ice cream. She gets them from herding cattle in the hot sun since she was a little girl. Her skin has the softest touch but, still has texture. So it is like your pillow yet fluffier and smoother. You can feel the love and warmth in her cheeks. Also her ears are so petite and when she wears ear rings it makes her whole face glow. Plus it makes her ears look like pretty pink flowers. Finally her petite structure which she thinks is fat is actually better than a supermodel’s. It is just perfect.

Hannah has an attitude you’ve never seen before. She has a funny, corky, sweet, kind, loving attitude like one of the girl chipmunks off “Alvin and the Chipmunks”. She is always bubbly like a science experiment gone wrong. She can be so sophisticated at times you think she is a business woman. You don’t want to make her mad you will regret it your whole life. Yet she can be so sweet and loving. You would do anything to protect her and hold her in your arms again.

Her voice has a sweet gentleness of a flower petal. Also it can be roaring like an angry lion. When she is sad she doesn’t speak much about it nor does she speak when she is shy or doesn’t know anybody. She will also cling to you when she is shy or scared. When she is happy she will tell you every story in her mind making you feel like you were actually with her seeing it. She gives you hints with her eyes when she wants something. Such as an eye roll and a maybe with a slight smile when you guess what she wants. She won‘t even look at you when she is mad. This girl makes you feel every emotion and more but, right now I just feel lovesick for her.

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