Don't Forget Me

January 10, 2012
Don't forget me is what I whispered into the hot, rainy, June night. I didn't want you to leave. I didn't want to see you go. I wanted you by my side, but that was never going to happen. As I whispered those words, I saw your tailgate lights backing out of my drive. Leaving my life. A moment that was never suppose to happen. I began to whisper please remember me. I knew you couldn't hear me. I knew you couldn't see me crying, my breath fogging up the window, where we once stood. Why are you leaving, I ask right before your tailgate lights disappear into the night. Then my tears become a waterfall. Sobbing, looking out the window. Praying you would turn around. I was wishing for a miracle. Your not coming back and I know that. The more I think, the more my tears come. I don't want to face the fact. I love you to much to see you go. I'm scared. I know that sounds crazy, but your the only thing I've ever known. What will I do without you? It's sad to think I never seen this coming, just out of the blue you leave my life. You left me with nothing except for the empty promises you left me holding onto. I'm sobbing my eyes out over you, but one day I will look back on this and wont be able to believe how much time I waisted over you.

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